Nano Solar Solutions for Space and Beyond

Delivering innovative solar energy resources for space manufacturing and travel.

Solar Energy Solutions for Space Manufacturing

Organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar cells are the future energy resource due to their versatile state-of-the-art production methods, eco-friendliness and low fabrication cost.

About Spacelis


SPACELIS was formed in 2020 by Founder and CEO Guler Kocak aiming to design solar cells that can be used in future space missions such as Artemis and Lunar Ascent as these plastic solar cells will be fabricated to be highly stable in harsh environments having ultra-light weight architecture, radiation and heat resistance, and printability.


Solar energy harvesting for space and in space are still in the very early stages for future Moon and Mars missions. Solar energy development and storage will be the most crucial technology to be developed for new operations and spacecrafts.

SPACELIS solar cells will be the world’s first ultra lightweight and radiation stable plastic solar cells that can operate and be produced in space for future Moon and Mars missions, for the space tourism industry and innovations, and they can be modified easily to operate in other harsh environments on Earth, as well.

The global future technology development for space exploration and innovations will also be inspired by the space nano-solar cells, and many entrepreneurs will fund the ideas for the best future clean energy resources for space and Earth.

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Partnering Opportunities

SPACELIS aims to sell the space solar cells to space agencies globally and contribute to current and future space missions. Companies with space manufacturing and renewable energy technologies will be teamed up for the installation of light-weight solar cells into spacesuits and spacecrafts. Research institutions are to be partnered with during every step of the design, fabrication and testing of the solar devices.

Meet The Team.

Guler Kocak Founder & CEO

Ismail Topcam Web Developer and Software Engineer

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